It’s easy to see 11-year-old Raegan Revord is doing exactly what she was put on this Earth to do. When she answered my call and I thanked her for taking time out to chat, the Young Sheldon star said: “That’s okay, I love talking! Thank you!”

Revord plays the sassy and hilarious twin sister of Iain Armitage’s Sheldon. The CBS spinoff series of the now finished The Big Bang Theory was a breakout hit, renewed for not one but two additional seasons, which would bring the total to four and counting.

In addition to acting, Revord is passionate about animals, particularly dogs. An only child, she has four “fur siblings,” two of which are rescues, that are “the loves of her life.”

Raegan Revord holding a dog

There’s Lucy, who Revord calls “her angel baby.” Then there’s Otto, who is very close with her mother. Pepper is the newest of the bunch, who goes to work on set with Revord almost every day. Once, Pepper was introduced to Armitage’s new pet hamster named Isla who was also on set.

“Isla hid in the corner and before long we were like ‘okay it’s time to wrap it up before Isla has a small, hamstery panic attack,” Revord said.

Three of the dogs were rescued in Los Angeles and Lucy joined the family after a Petco or PetSmart rescue day.

“We got Lucy from a rescue that goes to Tijuana and they found her as a baby in a box,” Revord said. “They said they don’t remember that thank goodness and Lucy just sits around and loves life now!”

Raegan Revord nuzzling dog

Revord mentioned how her mom is always willing to help people find their perfect dog. She often helps out those on set with finding their ideal pup.

In addition to rescuing dogs, Revord loves learning. Before acting, she was able to put her education first. Now, she attends schooling three hours a day while on set. Revord loves reading so much that she started a book club called Reading with Raegan her mother runs with her on her Instagram account @RaeganRevord. Each month, Revord chooses a book and encourages her followers to read it and let her know what they think with the hashtag #readingwithraegan. September’s book choice is Rules by Cynthia Lord.

“I’m never reading just one book,” Revord said. “I’m literally surrounded by them—our house looks like a library.”

In addition to reading, Revord loves to write. She was excited to share that she had just finished writing a pitch for her show based off a book that she is writing called My Story as a Gold Nugget. Revord is also pitching a TV script she wrote to studios.

She’s not afraid to share her ideas with her current showrunners either.

“I asked the producers when Missy has a birthday if we could have a birthday party,” she said. “Sheldon would just have [his friend] Tam there and Missy would have all her friends—I thought it would be such a fun episode, like a smart Einstein party versus a really fun kids party.”

Revord is also a junior ambassador for the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, due to work obligations she has only been able to visit a few times but she helps out whenever she can.

Revord loves making donations to charities, and has a box outside of her dressing room door for donations that says “Homeless Helpers.”

“My mom and me take it to local homeless shelters,” Revord said. “Zoe [Perry, her on-screen mom] and I have a station in her room where we have bags with supplies that we pack up with a note—everyone is really helpful with Homeless Helpers.”

As far as advice for children on following your dreams as she has, Revord said: “You’re definitely going to hear a lot of nos.”

Revord started working around age five or six and she heard “thousands of nos.”

“Every time you hear a yes, it’s amazing,” she added. “If you surround yourself with encouraging and happy people, it’s so uplifting.”

Revord follows her own advice to a T, as she raved about how close she is to her onscreen brothers.

Raegan Revord at Halloween

“Iain and I are the exact same, we do everything together,” she said. “We love music and playing with our stuffed animals.”

Montana Jordan, who plays Revord’s older brother Georgie, is an easygoing older brother type for her.

“Montana puts up with everything, he lets us climb on him and he once wore a mermaid tail for me,” Revord said. “My friends and I gave him the spa treatment once, we painted his nails and put makeup on him and he didn’t complain at all!”

Revord wrapped up our conversation with a little piece of wise-beyond-her-years wisdom: “Follow your dreams and you can do whatever you want, even if it takes a while.”

The third season of Young Sheldon is set to premiere on Thursday September 26th at 8 p.m.

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