We’re All Animals Bundle



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We’re All Animals is a story series for young children whose attitudes about our place in the world are still forming. While entertaining us, the stories teach tolerance, humility, and compassion.

Meet Addie, Oliver, their parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, and teacher! As they go about their daily lives, they learn from and teach each other important truths about our human connections with non-human animals. Each story includes discussion questions and a challenge to help kids explore the lessons further. Whatever the emphasis and however the stories are used, the series helps foster kind and considerate kids who value the important things in life.



Physical/Digital Box Set including 30 short stories that teach kids tolerance, humility, and compassion.

  • 30 durable, washable cards with illustrated short stories
  • Digital version for use on the go (works well on a tablet or computer)
  • Each story includes discussion questions to stimulate deeper reflection
  • Each story also includes challenges to encourage more active learning
  • Hands-on, practical ideas for bringing out the best in your child
  • Adult guidebook with suggested answers for the discussion questions

Additional information

Weight 2.4375 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7.75 × 2.75 in


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