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Do you want to teach your child that kindness matters? We’re All Animals is a fun story series that teaches tolerance, humility, and compassion. With this special deal for teachers, you’ll get a FREE copy of our K-5 Lesson Guide, which is intended to accompany the We’re All Animals stories. These lessons can be adapted to complement any literacy, social studies, or science curriculum, providing a framework to address academic standards while also promoting life skills such as critical thinking, compassion, and empathetic understanding. Through reading these stories, engaging with guiding questions, and exploring the central themes, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain knowledge & information
  • Think critically about difficult issues
  • Learn respect & responsibility for others in their communities

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Box Set including 30 short stories that teach kids tolerance, humility, and compassion.

  • 30 illustrated short stories on durable cards for easy reading
  • Each story includes discussion questions to stimulate deeper reflection
  • Each story also includes challenges to encourage more active learning
  • Hands-on, practical ideas for bringing out the best in your child
  • Adult guidebook with suggested answers for the discussion questions

We’re All Animals is a story series for young children whose attitudes about our place in the world are still forming. While entertaining us, the stories teach tolerance, humility, and compassion. Each story comes on its own durable and washable soft-touch card.

Meet Addie, Oliver, their parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, and teacher! As they go about their daily lives, they learn from and teach each other important truths about our human connections with non-human animals. Each story brings to light a human-animal intersection and is purposely short. The questions that follow the text will help stimulate discussion, and the stories can be used in an integrated curriculum as writing topics or art projects. Whatever the emphasis and however the stories are used, each one leaves the reader with an unmistakable and important message: We’re All Animals!

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Do you want to teach your kids tolerance, humility, and compassion?

Teaching kids to be kind to animals is incredibly powerful. It gets to the root of our decency where the building blocks of kindness and character form.

These bite-sized stories help kids cultivate tolerance, humility, and compassion for everyone.

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