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Children taught to extend kindness and mercy toward animals are more likely to become good kids who are kind and considerate in their relations to one another.

Stories that teach kids
tolerance, humility, and

We’re All Animals is a story series for young children whose attitudes about our place in the world are still forming. While entertaining us, the stories teach tolerance, humility, and compassion.

Meet Addie, Oliver, their parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, and teacher! As they go about their daily lives, they learn from and teach each other important truths about our human connections with non-human animals.

“This is, in my humble opinion, the single most important lesson we can teach our children. People talk about changing the world. This is what it looks like. Teaching children compassion.”

Juli Brown

Teacher, Seattle Public Schools

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Young Sheldon Star an Outspoken Advocate for Rescuing Animals

It’s easy to see 11-year-old Raegan Revord is doing exactly what she was put on this Earth to do. When she answered my call and I thanked her for taking time out to chat, the Young Sheldon star said: “That’s okay, I love talking! Thank you!” Revord plays the sassy and...

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How a Simple Act of Kindness Can Impact a Child

How a Simple Act of Kindness Can Impact a Child

My love for sailing took a while to develop, but then again, so did I. As my mom mentioned more than once during my younger years, I was a late bloomer. The first time I heard her say that (to the headmaster at my high school graduation, no less), I was just happy...

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